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It’s time to get crafting with your children, This box will keep the whole family busy for days, with over 1000 items inside and a list of fun, creative ideas. Your family can make their very own Christmas cards, tree ornaments and so much more.

Laila's Ultimate Christmas Craft Box

  • This box includes:

    Paints, Markers, Crayons, White glue, Glue Stick, Tape, Double Tape, Craft Paper, Sponge Sheets, Glitter Sheets, Paint Pallets, Brushes, Paint Stamps, Scissors, Glitter, Googly Eyes Large Medium and Small, Pompoms Large Medium and Small, an Assortment of Sponge Shapes, an Assortment of Sequin Glitters, Crystal Stickers, Stickers, Pipe Cleaners, Popsicle Sticks, Rainbow Popsicle Sticks, Mini Popsicle Sticks, Long Craft Sticks, Ribbon, Feathers, Buttons, Pegs, Yard, Supper Light Clay.

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