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A beautiful Eid candy hamper with everything you can think of for the perfect Eid. including a Sheep Teddy, Popcorn,Sheep Lollipop,Chocolate Bar, Eid Poppers, Pringles, Cotton Candy, Candy Pot, Eid Cracker, Eid Candy, Eid Jazzie Box.

Eid Candy Hamper

  • Product includes:

    1x Sheep Teddy

    1x Popcorn

    1x Sheep Lollipop

    1x Chocolate Bar

    1x Eid Poppers

    1x Pringles

    1x Cotton Candy

    1x Candy Pot 

    1x Cracker

    1x  Eid Candy

    1x Jazzie Box


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